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  • AdefHelpDesk_Task - This is the main table that holds all the Tickets. This is where the master TaskID is stored that all the other tables refer to.
  • AdefHelpDesk_TaskDetail - Contains multiple Comments and Work Items related to a Ticket.
  • AdefHelpDesk_TaskAssociation - Stores the related Tickets for each Ticket.
  • AdefHelpDesk_Category - Assigns a unique CategoryID to each Category as well as it's relationship in the Category Tree. When a Category is reordered it retains it's CategoryID.
  • AdefHelpDesk_TaskCategory - The relationship of each Category to each Ticket is stored.
  • AdefHelpDesk_Log - A log of each action for each Ticket is stored.
  • AdefHelpDesk_Attachment - Stores the attachments related to each record in TaskDetails. When attachments are uploaded they are renamed to a random name that uses the date to prevent duplicated names. The original name is stored so that when the attachment is downloaded it will have it's original name.
  • AdefHelpDesk_LastSearch - Stores the parameters of the last search a user made. This allows a user to navigate to other screens and have the search screen refresh to the last way they left it when they return.
  • AdefHelpDesk_Role - Stores the list of DotNetNuke user roles that will show up in the drop down list when assigning Tickets. This was created because some DNN portals have a lot of roles. If a Ticket is assigned to a Role and that Role is removed it will not throw an error. The Role still can be used for that Ticket and will show in it's drop down list, but another Ticket would not see that Role as an option in it's drop-down list.
  • AdefHelpDesk_Setting - Stores settings such as Administrator role and file upload path.