Displaying ADefHelpDesk in different languages for your users

First, check the download page on ADefHelpDesk.com to see if there are already "language packs" available for the language and version of ADefHelpDesk that you are running.

Create Translations

Open the site in Windows File Explorer and locate the .resx files (there is a set of files at "/App_LocalResources" and "/Controls/App_LocalResources"). Make a copy of each file and insert the language and culture in the file name (case matters).

In the example above, "View.ascx.resx" was copied and named "View.ascx.es.ES.resx".

Open the site in Visual Studio.

Open the .resx files and make the translations. Save each file.

Open the site in Visual Studio and Build the website.

In your web browser, you can change the Language settings.

ADefHelpDesk will display the content in the appropriate language.